After changing his Social Security presentation and seminar, David Conner, a Social Security Timing® subscriber since June 2012, saw his client responses more than triple, jumping from an average of 15 to 58. We asked him to share his success story.

How did you start with Social Security planning?

4146_David-Conner.pngThe dinner seminar I was doing was dying. I wasn’t getting many responses, and I needed to try something different. I went to a marketing conference in Arizona where I heard Joe Elsasser, Social Security Timing's creator, speak. I learned about the educational seminars he was doing at the library system. When I got back, I started to use his presentation. I went from 15 average responses to 58 for people wanting to attend my seminar. Since 2012, I can directly attribute $40 million in premium to Social Security seminars and Social Security planning. In the last two years, my commission was $2 million.


Has the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 affected your business? 

I’ve updated my presentation, and I’ve had an increase in seminar registrants. People are wanting the advice and to learn when to take benefits. 


The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 eliminates two claiming strategies. After they are phased out, do you think there will still be a need for Social Security planning?

I think there will always be a need to show how Social Security works, the timing on when to take benefits and how to integrate Social Security with their other assets. I do plan on attending The School to learn about how taxes work with Social Security and plan to integrate Tax Clarity into my marketing and planning. 


Is there anthing else you'd like to add?

The support staff is great and knowledgeable. You are not just buying software — the staff will help you learn about Social Security and understand the software. They are always available to answer my or my clients’ questions.

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David Conner is the president of Conner Financial Group, LLC in Gastonia, North Carolina. Conner Financial Group is a boutique, full-service comprehensive wealth management firm. David Conner has over 20 years of experience in financial and estate planning and specializes in helping clients live and enjoy the lives they envision for themselves and their families.