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    Social Security Planning Advice in Times of Change

    As I read recent research on the economy and investments, two images came to mind: a canoe, and a car pulling a trailer. The first piece of research focused on the outlook for long-term interest rates. It had me wondering whether current and future retirees will remain in a low-interest environment, like being stuck in a canoe without a motor. The current investment environment reminds me of an overnight canoe trip that I took as a teenager. The first day was full of excitement and motion, with everyone enjoying the ride assisted by the strong current. By the middle of the second day, we reached the backwater of the dammed-up river, and the endless paddling in still water numbed the arms and the mind. We thought it would never end.

    In The News

    Don’t let threat of rising Medicare Part B costs force early claiming

    Our phones rang off the hook, and emails flooded our inboxes immediately following the government’s Oct. 15th announcement that Social Security recipients will not see an increase in benefits next year. The main question: should a client file for Social Security benefits by the end of the year to avoid the higher Medicare Part B premiums in 2016? In most cases, this sort of thinking is like prescribing a lobotomy to deal with a headache.

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