People trust their local news outlets and the journalists who run them. In this era of skepticism and ‘fake news,’ surveys show local news beats out national news when it comes to trust. That trustworthiness and credibility transfers to the experts interviewed on the local news. You can harness this power, build your brand and increase exposure for your financial practice through earned media interviews. Let’s start by answering some of the top questions about earned media:

What is earned media?

Earned media is different from advertising or paid media; it cannot be bought or owned. In effect, earned media is ‘real news.’ 

What outlets feature earned media?

Any newspaper, TV newsroom, magazine, online publication or podcast that features experts is an opportunity for earned media. At Media Minefield, our clients have been interviewed in outlets ranging from their community newspapers to The Today Show. You could be considered for an earned media opportunity that features financial advisors or financial professionals.

What happens after the interview?

Your work isn’t done yet! An earned media interview is an asset you can use in many ways:

  • Post the link on your practice  website
  • Share the interview on social media channels
  • Include the video in a newsletter or e-blast to clients and prospective clients
  • List your “as seen on” credentials on mailers and marketing materials

How do I get earned media?

Not all public relations firms are created equal. There are very few specializing in earned media. Look for a firm made up of former journalists. They will speak the same language as the news media and be effective in securing earned media coverage for you. As a financial professional, the opportunities for earned media are abundant! Whether the Federal Reserve increases interest rates or it’s time to set New Year’s resolutions, the appetite for money news is consistent year-round.

If news stations aren’t interviewing you, they may be interviewing your competitor. Hear it from the financial professionals themselves! Download our Top 5 Media Strategies for the Financial Professional to learn how others in your industry are harnessing the power of earned media. 


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