Your Clients Want Clear Insights in their Financial Plan

Are you frustrated with outputs from multiple sources that don't agree? Many advisors have a "tech stack" that includes different tools from a number of software vendors. Creating structural integrity in your financial plans is imperative. Providing clients with simple, actionable communication, that even the most analytical client can get behind, will help you grow your business. 

Conflicts with assumptions behind the calculations of different tech tools are a major headache for financial advisors. One program may assume a longer or shorter life expectancy or a different down market which often leads to conflicts with results, and you end up investing a lot of time reconciling the  results, time better spent attracting new clients or expanding services with current clients. 

Join Joe Elsasser, CFP®, President and Founder of Covisum®, on June 5 at 10:30 a.m. Central Time for a free webinar and learn how a deeply-integrated tech stack can make a huge difference for your practice.

Learning Points:

  • Key integration-related questions to ask vendors
  • Emerging trends in advisor tech stack construction
  • The most common conflicts that occur in integrated financial planning tech stacks

Learn all of this and more during this live webinar. Following the presentation, we will have 10-15 minutes for questions and answers. Register now.


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