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Your clients may think that taking Social Security as early as possible is the right choice. But an optimized approach to using these benefits will deliver more value and total compensation over the long run.

Advisors can use Social Security Timing® to optimize their Social Security planning and increase their total retirement value by up to $100,000. Additionally, when you subscribe to the software, you get an entire support team to help you answer Social Security and software questions.

Here’s a closer look at Social Security Timing and how it provides value to your clients approaching retirement.

Educating Clients on Key Social Security Strategies

Social Security benefits provide a financial safety net for workers as they enter retirement, but your clients need to understand that little decisions in how they manage and receive these benefits can affect the total amount they’re eligible to receive.

The Social Security Administration offers representatives to help you understand these benefits, but this typically isn’t a source clients should depend on when making important decisions, largely because these representatives are undertrained and liable to give bad information or recommendations. For this reason alone, it’s crucial that clients work with a financial advisor to understand how to best use these benefits.

Meanwhile, advisors can streamline their own workload by leaning on technology that helps them optimize their planning and management of Social Security benefit strategies.

Core Features of Social Security Timing

Advisors who use Social Security Timing can support their own clients with the following features and services:

  • Quick, accurate, easy Social Security strategy identification and comparison
  • Alternate Social Security strategies
  • Actionable reporting
  • Break-even chart that allows advisors to see which strategy produces the best result in various life expectancy combinations
  • Presentation tool
  • Client communication materials
  • Multiple client types

This planning software makes it easy to provide customized service to a wide range of clients and retirement planning scenarios, resulting in more efficient planning, better customer service, and more satisfied clients. Better yet, it offers a user-friendly interface that allows advisors to quickly generate reports and start interpreting financial data in less than an hour.

How Do Our Clients Benefit from Social Security Timing?

This specialized financial software delivers a number of benefits to our clients, which in turn can deliver their own benefits and upgraded services to their clientele. The advantages of Social Security Timing include the following:

  • Specialized expertise covering Social Security benefit information
  • Insight into unseen opportunity to add dollars to a retirement plan
  • Instant client reports
  • Access to awesome support, industry expertise, and training
  • Proven marketing tools, including a client-facing seminar, brochure, and direct mailer example
  • IRA/SS timeline graphic to help communicate with your clients
  • Confidence to make the right decisions that benefit their retirement outlook

When it comes to delivering quality service while also improving efficiency, the right technology makes all the difference. Sign up for a 10-day free trial of Social Security Timing to see for yourself how this software can simplify your day-to-day work.

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