Our team cares about your business growth goals and we've been hard at work creating content and materials to help you along the way. With all the discussions about tax law in the news, we wanted to let you know about some new resources we've added to Tax Clarity

Top advisors use Tax Clarity to create a landscape view of tax for their clients. Tax Clarity instantly calculates your client’s effective marginal tax rate and lets you view alternates so that you can guide your clients to make the most tax-efficient retirement decisions. 

What's New?

  • Proven marketing tools, including a client-facing seminar.
  • Video of Joe Elsasser, CFP®, creator of Tax Clarity presenting the seminar and coaching you along the way.
  • CPA introduction letter to help open doors for mutually beneficial business relationships. 
  • Customizable white paper written by Joe Elsasser. Use this in your CPA nurturing.
  • Marketing calendar template to help keep you organized and growing.

As always, Tax Clarity subscribers have access to our awesome support, industry expertise, and training. 

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