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    financial advisor

    Retirement Income Planning Can Be an Advisor’s Road Map to Growth

    I’m sure you spend loads of time figuring out financials for your clients. But, when was the last time you spent the same amount of time on your business? Building a road map for your business is crucial, especially if you own, operate, or work for a small-to-medium-sized RIA. 

    financial practice

    Beef Up Your Business Practices With Retirement-Focused Financial Management Software

    The right financial management software can be a game-changer for financial advisors. Along with saving your practice significant time, resources, and money, this technology frees up financial advisors to focus more on what’s most important — running marketing campaigns, serving their clients, bringing in more prospects, and operating their practice more effectively. Additionally, a financial management software stack may help clients understand how to maximize their retirement income strategy. Financial advisors can use management software to position insurance products to increase sales and carry out Roth conversions, which moves assets under practice management. A comprehensive financial management software suite can positively impact an advisor's bottom line and their clients' bottom lines — a win-win.

    Katie Godbout

    Building a High-Quality Email Distribution List for Your Financial Planning Practice

    Acquiring email leads as a financial advisor isn’t a quick, easy process. It takes patience, hard work, and the right strategy. There are many different ways to increase lead generation for your financial planning practice, such as email marketing, gated content, in-person networking, newsletters, inbound marketing, referrals, social media, and more. A quality email marketing list can make or break your financial planning practice, but it’s not all about the numbers — think quality over quantity. Getting your information in front of the right people is vital. Sending unwanted emails to the wrong people wastes valuable time and resources, and it won’t help grow your practice. Not sure how to get started? Here are some helpful ways to create and grow an email distribution list for your financial advising practice.

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