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    We Are Dedicated to Providing Awesome Support Covisum wants to make it easy for our customers to find the information you need. We want to help you spend less time looking for answers and more time growing your business or doing the things you enjoy.


    Frequently Asked Questions About SmartRisk

    Q: What does SmartRiskTM do?  A: SmartRisk uses a heavy-tailed model to provide more precise portfolio risk measurement, because the actual risk of big losses in client portfolios is much greater than the standard deviation calculation would suggest. SmartRisk doesn’t show what we think will happen; it’s what could happen. This more realistic estimate of risk allows advisors to have a conversation with the client in advance of the next downturn, and set reasonable expectations. In addition, once an advisor sees that much larger downside possibility, they can start looking for ways to mitigate the risk. 


    Tax Clarity Questions & Answers

    Q: What does the gray portion of the Tax Map represent? A: The gray portion of the Tax Clarity® Tax Map represents the effective marginal rate (EMR). If you are looking at the “Rate on the next dollar of ordinary income” map, the software indicates at each ordinary income dollar (i.e. IRA distribution, pensions, earned income, etc.) how that ordinary income dollar and other income (Social Security, capital gains, self-employment, etc.) will be taxed. In other words, the software assesses what is being taxed at that ordinary income dollar amount and adds all of the taxation together. That is why the EMR may be higher than the ordinary income or capital gains tax bracket at certain times. The gray portion of the Tax Map allows you to determine just how many ordinary income or capital gains dollars, such as qualified dividends, your client will have before triggering another taxation point.

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