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Income InSight was built specifically for planners serving mass-affluent and affluent clients in retirement and retirement transition. This financial planning platform will help you add value to your clients' lives. No credit card or commitment required.

Updated due to the SECURE Act of 2020

Due to the SECURE Act of 2020 the required minimum distribution (RMD) age was changed. The RMD is 70½  for individuals with a date of birth prior to 7/1/1949 or 72 for individuals with a date of birth that is on or after 7/1/1949.  Applicable calculations have been updated, along with the PDF base case verbiage.


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  • Provides the structure for a systematic, scalable financial planning process.  
  • A comprehensive alternative to other programs where you piece together a plan – will replace multiple tools in your “tech stack.” 
  • Understand the key variables of life expectancy, tax efficiency and sequence of withdrawals. 
  • Get an entire support team to help you answer subject matter and software questions.

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Income InSight quickly and easily shows the impact of different decisions within a client's financial plan. Answer your client’s most important questions and then draw them into a broader retirement income planning process.

Core features:

  • Roth conversion strategies
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Multi-year Tax Map
  • Stress tests
  • Incorporate insurance products
  • Deep integration with Tax Clarity, Social Security Timing, and SmartRisk
  • Marketing tools, including a client-facing seminar, brochure, and direct mailer example
  • Access to awesome support, industry expertise and training
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Here's what our customers say:

"Income InSight helps me see the entire picture and demonstrate the value I bring to my clients as their advisor — I can show them what their retirement could look like with my recommendations."

Financial Planner

"It's great that the Covisum tools have been designed by a financial advisor. The programs are user-friendly and boil down the numbers for a client. Income InSight makes it easy for my clients to see that I'm bringing value to the table. I really like the Roth conversion suggestions with the dollar amounts."

Certified Financial Planner

"This tool is perfect for retirement planning. It helps me find value-adds that I wouldn't see otherwise. My clients really engage with the "red wedge" of taxes saved in the Tax Map report."

Vice President - Investments

Covisum powers some of the nation’s largest financial institutions.


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