Current Subscribers Now Have Access to Try Social Security Timing in the Covisum Portal


For the past decade, Social Security Timing® has been helping advisors answer client questions about Social Security, and it is now easier to use than ever. We've updated Social Security Timing, deeply integrated it with Income InSight® and added it to our portal.

Current Social Security Timing subscribers can view the new features and enter client data in the updated Social Security Timing by visiting Log in using your original credentials. Please note, current client information is not yet available in the new Social Security Timing. We expect to run both versions of the software in parallel throughout the remainder of the year while we create a migration path to move clients from the old version to the new.

Updated Break-Even Chart

The new breakeven chart in the portal shows the amount that would be received under each strategy at each possible death age between 70 and 100. The old chart demonstrated which strategy would generate the most benefits but not by how much.

New: Common Alternatives

The common alternatives feature automatically creates the four most common alternatives for married couples:

  • Widest split
  • Both at full retirement age
  • Both in January of their full retirement age
  • Both at age 70

Social Security is a unique retirement income stream. For those transitioning into retirement, a key question is: "When should I take my Social Security benefits?" This means that as a financial planner, answering this question should be a critical part of your retirement income practice.

Social Security Timing uniquely facilitates the answer to this common client question. You can show your clients how the timing of their Social Security claiming decision can cost or save them tens of thousands of dollars. Use the personalized reports to expertly explain the complexities and nuances of Social Security and  help clients navigate:

  • Benefit basics
  • The increase in full retirement age
  • Strategies for married couples
  • Survivors benefits
  • The Bi-Partisan Budget Act

What else is new?

  • Cleaner interface
  • Better user experience
  • Easier navigations

The "what’s at stake feature" makes the difference between a good decision and a better decision obvious. Clients can clearly see the amount of Social Security you can help them access. 

See the exact year and month the client should claim, and see the month, year and the amount that the client will receive.

How much does it cost?

Covisum is providing all of these new features and upgrades at the same affordable price. Current subscribers will not see an increase and new subscriptions are still only $49.99 per month. In order to experience the Income InSight integration, you must have a subscription to both tools

Watch a demonstration to see the updates and new features.

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