New law confusion highlights importance of laying a foundation of good advice

This past November, the Bipartisan Budget  Act of 2015 was signed into law and instituted sweeping changes to the Social Security system.

In some cases, the application of the law will continue for almost eight more years, and in others, claimants may lose benefits if they do not take action by April 29, 2016. Through all of this, individuals continue to knock on the door of the Social Security Administration (SSA) in record numbers to file claims.


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New Tax Clarity™ software shows clients and prospects a more tax-efficient future

The makers of the patented Social Security Timing® software have developed software for advisors to quickly and easily illustrate that what taxpayers think about how they’re taxed is quite different from reality.

Today’s federal tax system has evolved beyond the simple progressive, or “stair step,” system in taxpayers’ minds. The new Tax Clarity™ illustrates in an easy-to-understand Tax Map graphic that shows how each additional dollar of income is lost in reality. In some cases, this


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Micro-site to be disabled Jan. 4 as part of improvements

Social Security Timing is rolling out an improved micro-site with lead-generating and customizable features, but we must first disable all advisors’ micro-sites on Jan. 4.

You will be able to immediately re-activate your micro-site that day. Look for an email in the coming weeks with an instructional video on how to re-establish your micro-site.


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How Tax Clarity™ works with Social Security Timing®

Last week, the makers of Social Security Timing® released another innovative software program for financial advisors to help their clients with their retirement planning decisions.

Tax Clarity is the first program that unveils the hidden marginal income tax rates that can cause significant financial damage to a retiree’s cash flow.


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