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Posted on June 24, 2016

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Setting up your advisor profile

Posted on June 22, 2016

Setting up your advisor profile

A subscription to Social Security Timing® also gives you access to marketing materials to help you spread the word about your services and expertise. We intentionally leave them off until you activate them because so many of our subscribers are registered reps and need approval for any online marketing activities. If you are a registered rep, be sure to check with your broker dealer before turning these features on.


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Considerations for government employees

Posted on June 17, 2016

When I spoke about Social Security planning at the NTSAA 403(b) Advisor Summit in Las Vegas, much of the discussion centered on the Government Pension Offset (GPO) and Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) in Social Security.

If you’re an advisor who works with teachers, police officers, firefighters, government employees or the spouses of those workers, you need to be aware of these provisions and how they affect your clients.


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How indifferent are you to risk? - Investors Chronicle

Posted on June 03, 2016

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