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    User Spotlight: Lauren DeGroot

    Lauren DeGroot is an associate advisor at Sequent Planning, LLC, an Omaha-based investment advisory and financial planning firm. Her practice is focused specifically on helping people with major retirement-related decisions, including when to take Social Security, when to draw from various retirement accounts and how to manage risk and taxes throughout retirement. As a member of The Arrow Group, we wanted to check in with Lauren and ask her a few questions.

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    How Advisors Should Talk Tax-Efficient Planning With Clients

    The elephant and the snowball Taxes are a critical piece in retirement planning, yet most financial advisors avoid discussing the topic for several reasons. First and foremost, they fear violating federal regulations or industry standards that limit who can provide "tax advice."


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    Covisum® is pleased to announce the addition of Katie Godbout as marketing strategist. From handshakes to high fives, Katie adds the right mix of smarts and smiles to the Covisum team.

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