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How Can Financial Advisors Add Significant Value for Clients?

Financial advisors have a great opportunity to help clients harboring misunderstandings of common systems with . . .
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5 big Social Security issues to think about in 2017

Check out these five Social Security issues to discuss with clients in 2017. Big changes in Social Security next year . . .
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New beginnings

We’re looking forward to a new year in a new space! As we look back at 2016, a lot has changed. In January, we launched . . .
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Help — I need somebody!

The Covisum support team is here for you, when “not just anybody” will do. One of our founding principles is to provide . . .
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Dead or alive?: Social Security planning a year after Bipartisan Budget Act

The reports of the death of Social Security planning have been greatly exaggerated. A year after its passage, we look at . . .
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