Financial advisors have a great opportunity to help clients harboring misunderstandings of common systems with significant financial impact. Using education and visualization of these systems, it's possible for advisors to create retirement planning strategies that add significant value to their client's lives.


We recently wrote about how Social Security claiming strategies can still offer a significant savings - $114,000 on average. Taxes are like Social Security in that consumers believe that the rules are reasonably intuitive. Consumers might not realize the value that a financial advisor can bring to the equation through tax efficient retirement strategies.

What do we do as advisors to fulfill our fiduciary duties around financial planning and not cross the line into giving tax advice. Watch a recent webinar that Joe Elsasser, CFP® and President of Covisum presented to the Society of Financial Service Professionals and learn how to develop retirement planning strategies that identify dangerous points where just one additional dollar of income can push clients into much higher effective marginal rates.

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