Social Security Timing® recently rolled out an improved micro-site with lead-generating and customizable features, but we had to first disable all advisors’ micro-sites on Monday, Jan. 4. As we communicated in a special email and in last month’s newsletter, you were able to immediately re-activate your micro-site that day. If you haven’t yet done this important step, watch this three-minute video to learn what you need to do to re-establish your micro-site and where you’ll need to update your contact information.


Disabling the existing micro-sites was necessary because many subscribers are registered reps and need approval for any online marketing activities. If you are among those required to get approval, please review the new micro-site with your compliance department. If you have linked your micro-site with your Web page, you will need to turn on the new micro-site to obtain the new URL to provide to your Web designer.

The improved micro-site will allow you to: 

  • include your business photo and logo
  • use the “What’s at Stake” calculator for singles, widows and divorced couples instead of just married couples
  • access more leads

It also features updated content on the latest Social Security changes from the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015.

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