Intense Winter Storm Leads to Devastating Floods 

For most of us at Covisum, we've never seen devastation from floods like we're seeing right now.

In my lifetime, my basement has flooded a time or two. It's probably happened to each of the Nebraska natives who work here. I've had a swampy back yard countless times. Flash flood warnings from The Weather Channel are a norm for us in the spring. But this year is different. 

If you haven't seen the news, much of our home state is under water. Our headquarters is fine, and it's business as usual for us. However, hundreds of homes are flooded and families are displaced. At least three people have died, two are missing, and farmers have taken an enormous hit to their businesses. Read about it in The New York Times. Check out satellite pictures of the flooding from NASA. See the latest from our hometown newspaper, The Omaha World-Herald.    

This hits close to home for all of us. Some members of our team are experiencing flooding in their basements right now. All of us personally know people who have no idea how bad the damage is yet, but we expect that for many, it will be a total loss of property. I can't help thinking about the small lakefront cabin where several members of our team and I watched the total eclipse together last year. We brought our families, played yard games and bonded with each other. Today, that cabin is flooded to the second story roof.  

I'm sure you've heard about Midwestern values. We are strong. We help each other. We work hard. And that's what we need right now: strength, hard work, and help. 

How to help:

Do you want to help? I understand that some of you may be inclined to do something. In times like these, it's hard to know what is appropriate — what will help and what will get in the way. We'd like to share a link to an article that has a good summary of ways that you can help: