Covisum Honors Three with First-Annual President’s Awards

Covisum recently hosted an employee celebration event to mark the successful launch of Income InSight®. This new financial planning platform deeply integrates with multiple tools to provide a clear view of retirement for clients. At the event, Founder and President, Joe Elsasser, CFP® presented the first-annual Covisum President’s Awards.


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#NebraskaStrong: Flooding in our Headquarters State

Intense Winter Storm Leads to Devastating Floods 

For most of us at Covisum, we've never seen devastation from floods like we're seeing right now.

In my lifetime, my basement has flooded a time or two. It's probably happened to each of the Nebraska natives who work here. I've had a swampy back yard countless times. Flash flood warnings from The Weather Channel are a norm for us in the spring. But this year is different. 


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The Covisum DNA: A Look at Company Culture and Vision

Call us a SaaS company, a fintech leader or a software company, but we believe we are more than that. Recently, we sat down with Katie Godbout, our director of sales and marketing, and asked a few questions about Covisum. 

How do you say Covisum anyway?

A lot of people ask that, not surprisingly. Phonetically, it's "ko-vee-some." Lots of times, people add an extra syllable, and say something like, "ko-vee-see-um." It's not a word used in normal conversation, so I can understand why it's hard


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