You’ve got retirees to help—we’ve got you!

We know that times are really tough for a lot of people, especially our older population. That’s why we are giving our Tax Clarity® subscribers  some new resources for free. We've created an extensive marketing kit with downloads, templates and videos to help you communicate with clients and prospects. 

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What is in the Marketing Kit for Covisum Tax Clarity Subscribers?

Quick Start

  • Download: Marketing Starter Kit

  • On-Demand Video Series: “Taxes in Retirement”

  • Download: Event Marketing 101: Facebook Event Marketing 

  • Download: Consumer-Facing Social Media Graphics


  • Video: How to Find the Taxes in Retirement Seminar

  • Video: Preparing for a Seminar

Email Marketing

  • Email marketing Seven Tips to Help You Master Email Marketing

  • Download: Post event email template

  • Download: Post-Event Follow-Up Email Sequence Template


  • Download: Taxes in Retirement Talking Points

  • Download: The Advisor’s Guide to Persona Development

  • Download: The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Lead Generation

  • Download: Seminar Checklist

  • Download: Sample Report

  • Download: First Meeting Document Checklist

  • Download: Initial Consultation Letter

Blog Posts

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Given the recent market volatility, Roth conversions are particularly valuable right now. Tax Clarity can help you identify these opportunities for your clients. The last thing anyone wants to do is un-retire.  Remind your clients: 

  1. Roth conversions can be especially advantageous, because the growth comes back tax-free.
  2. Doing Roth conversions can spread out the tax liability earlier in retirement.
  3. Right now, there are no required minimum distributions under current rules for Roth IRAs, so it’s a good time to consider accelerating off Roth IRA and Roth conversions. 

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