WATCH: Don't Be Fooled Into Believing a Portfolio is Diversified

Katie Godbout, Director of Sales & Marketing
October 17, 2017

SmartRisk was created for one overarching reason: risk software on the market is based on outdated math, and that math dramatically underestimates risk. Advisors should care about explaining risk to clients because helping them avoid the classic pitfalls that can destroy retirements builds a stronger, more trusting relationship. SmartRisk's massive computing power and sophisticated models properly measure portfolio risk. Join Joe Elsasser, CFP®, President of Covisum and see how SmartRisk can impact your financial practice. 

SmartRisk helps add value to your relationships with clients. Using our powerful technology, advisors can effectively estimate a client’s risk and guide them to avoid behavioral mistakes, significantly impacting their bottom line. See for yourself and take a free 10-day trial today. 

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Posted by Katie Godbout, Director of Sales & Marketing
Katie thrives on making an impact and achieving big goals. She believes that communication strategy has a major impact on business success. As a strategic communicator with a diverse background in non-profit, B2B, healthcare, and SaaS, Katie combines her expertise in strategy development, marketing and sales to spread the word about how Covisum can help advisors and institutions inform their clients of the best financial decisions.