Dream team: financial advisors & CPAs

Posted on May 28, 2018

Collaboration leads to better client thinking

Financial advisors can capitalize on this era of new tax laws by forming mutually beneficial relationships with CPAs. CPAs can add value to your practice, both by providing tax advice and by referring clients who need financial plans. Tax advice that a CPA gives is different than the advice you can give for a tax-efficient retirement plan. But when paired together, this advice empowers your client to make the best financial decisions. Use our free


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Throw CPAs a life jacket

Americans are inundating CPAs with questions about how the recently passed tax law will impact them. But most CPAs make their living off businesses and business owners with complex and time-consuming concerns, not the middle-income retirees calling with questions.


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The three biggest problems CPAs face & how you can help solve them

Posted on May 25, 2017

A symbiotic relationship between CPAs and financial advisors can prove beneficial for your clients - as well as both businesses. Building this kind of relationship can provide balance that would otherwise be missing.


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