Hidden Value: Probability of Success vs. Consequence of Failure

Hidden Value is a column in ThinkAdvisor where Joe Elsasser, CFP®, answers common questions with insights advisors and their clients may not have considered. This week he takes a closer look at Monte Carlo simulations.


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Forbes Finance Council: An Annual Checkup Can Keep Your Retirement Plan Healthy

Which accounts should you be tapping, and in which order?

In a recent article for Forbes Finance Council, Covisum Founder and President Joe Elsasser, CFP® suggested that regular checkups with a financial advisor are the key to a healthy retirement plan.  Help your clients make the most of their annual meeting with you with these tips.


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VLOG: Clients Expect Seminars to be Educational

April is Financial Literacy Month

The United States has recognized Financial Literacy Month during the month of April since 2004. Financial advisors have a unique opportunity to help educate others, and one great way to improve financial literacy among the general public is by conducting educational seminars. Covisum® President and Founder, Joe Elsasser, CFP®, is a practicing financial planner and has been hosting seminars in partnership with the Omaha Public Library system for the past


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Financial Literacy Month: Hosting Educational Seminars

Since 2004, the United States has recognized April as Financial Literacy Month and focusing on financial literacy is important now more than ever. According to the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC), a lack of financial knowledge cost Americans collectively more than an estimated $295 billion in 2018. 


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Schedule Annual Client Review Meetings

We are well into February, and we’ve reached the perfect time of year to schedule annual reviews for your clients who are still working. There are some opportunities for clients with earned income to clean-up before April 15. One of the most basic ways is through IRA contributions. You can use Tax Clarity® to identify opportunities where IRA contributions can be used to reduce the amount of taxable capital gains.


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5 Resolutions You Should Make for 2019 to Grow your Business

As we wrap up 2018 and launch into 2019, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to strategically grow your financial planning practice. Here are five resolutions you should make for 2019 to help your business grow.  


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Hidden Value: How Do You Compare Two Financial Plans?

Hidden Value is a new column in ThinkAdvisor where Joe Elsasser, CFP®, answers common questions with insights advisors and their clients may not have considered. This week Joe tackles how to compare two financial plans. 


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Forbes Finance Council: Key Questions to Ask When Choosing a Niched Financial Advisor

In a recent article for Forbes, Covisum President, Joe Elsasser, CFP®, touts the many benefits of choosing a niched financial practice. 

Niched financial practices have defined specifically which clients they will work with and what services they can provide to make them the best option for those clients. Choosing an advisor who focuses on your particular niche is crucial when it comes to understanding your specific needs and answering any questions you may have comprehensively. 


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Review This Checklist Before Hosting Your Next Seminar

Posted on June 20, 2018

When done correctly, educational seminars are a great way to attract new clients. Start the planning process by reviewing this checklist and make your next seminar a success.


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These 4 tips will make planning your next seminar easy

Posted on May 30, 2018

Hosting educational seminars can be an effective way to grow your business and get you back on track to reach your 2018 goals. We want to help you grow your business. 

It’s not too late to plan an educational seminar to attract new clients. Here are the four things you should do to make your next seminar a success and put your 2018 goals back into focus.


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