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    Optimizing Retirement: Navigating Tax Efficiency with Covisum's EMR Methodology

    In the dynamic landscape of retirement planning, the article "Managing Taxes in Retirement using the Effective Marginal Tax Rate" published in Advisor Perspectives by Dr. Wade Pfau and Joe Elsasser, CFP®, provides valuable insights into tax-efficient distribution strategies. As the founder and president of Covisum, Elsasser has played a pivotal role in developing solutions that cater specifically to Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) who specialize in comprehensive financial planning for mass-affluent American clients in or approaching retirement age. Read on for a summary of the article.


    Unleashing the Power of Authentic Referrals: The Covisum Advantage

    At Covisum, we're in more than just the business of creating software. We are dedicated to creating the best retirement income planning platform for financial advisors and institutions. But we're also helping transform your advisory practice into a powerhouse of value and referrals. Our founder and president, a practicing financial advisor and Certified Financial Planner™, utilizes a game-changing approach in his own retirement income planning firm. Let's delve into the heart of it and see how our process can elevate your practice, too. At the core of this strategy are the "Three Wows." These pillars can elevate your practice and set you on a path to success. Let's look at each wow and how they can revolutionize your practice.

    Retirement Income Planning

    Maximizing Retirement Income with Covisum's Financial Planning Suite

    Retirement is not simply a goal. It's a life transition. Retirement involves navigating different income streams, unique financial goals, and optimizing distribution options to maximize retirement income. At Covisum, we understand the intricacies of retirement planning and offer an integrated suite of products designed to address this unique phase in your clients' lives. Our suite of software solutions cover essential areas such as Social Security timing, income distribution, and tax efficiency, helping you deliver holistic retirement income strategies to your clients.

    Practice Management

    Why Systematic Value Delivery is Crucial for Financial Advisors

    As a financial advisor, delivering value to clients goes beyond providing financial guidance—it's about building trust and confidence in the face of complex decision-making situations. While you already wear multiple hats, including educator, behavioral coach, and financial expert, the key lies in creating a systematic approach that ensures consistent value delivery.

    Retirement Income Planning

    A Proven Process for Retirement Income Planning Financial Advisors

    As a financial advisor who focuses on retirement income planning, you know that delivering value to your clients is essential to your success. The market is saturated with ineffective software and tools, so how can advisors showcase the value they deliver? The most successful advisors are showcasing their value through clear reporting, high-quality service, and by demonstrating their expertise. Covisum can help.


    The SECURE Act 2.0 Retirement Income Planning Opportunities

    Updated Legislation Means More Changes That Advisors Need To Know The SECURE Act 2.0 is significant legislation signed into law on December 20, 2022, and is expected to have several impacts on retirement income planning. It contains several provisions designed to improve Americans' retirement security, including later required minimum distributions (RMDs), 529-to-Roth rollovers, and other tax planning opportunities.

    FinPlan Fridays

    Return Assumptions in Retirement Income Planning Software

    Lately, there have been a lot of conversations surrounding the current market state, and many retirees are worried about their investments. One of the most challenging aspects of financial planning is setting reasonable performance expectations. Of course, no one can predict the future, but the right financial planning software can help you make wise investment decisions based on available factors.

    Income InSight

    The Next Big Thing in RIA Software: Income InSight

    Many advisors have a variety of financial planning software solutions to help them meet their clients' needs. There is software to help you create and organize your client database, manage portfolios, optimize Social Security benefits, market your practice, and more. But relying on several different tech tools can cause some headaches. They may claim to integrate, but how well do they? It's not enough to share data. The software also needs to share assumptions, or outputs will be hard to reconcile and, at worst, contradictory. Financial planning software should seamlessly integrate so that you can move from one tool to the next. Enter Income InSight®.

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