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Perspectives Magazine: Improve Social Security Planning with Software

Social Security benefits supplement retirement income for millions of Americans, so it's important for financial advisors to have extensive knowledge about the program. Advisors who go a step further and use Social Security planning software have a competitive edge over those who don't. Social Security optimizers can illustrate the value of a smart claiming decision. Covisum Founder and President, Joe Elsasser, CFP®, examines this further in the latest issue of Perspectives magazine.
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Retirement Daily: Tax Rates and Retirement, What You Need to Know

No retirement decision should be made without first considering the tax impact that decision could have on the overall retirement strategy. In this Retirement Daily article, Tax Rates and Retirement: What You Need to Know, Covisum® Founder and President, Joe Elsasser, CFP® outlines the different tax rates that determine how much you'll pay in taxes throughout retirement.
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ThinkAdvisor: 4 Things Your Financial Planning Software Should Do

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to determine which financial planning technology is worth investing in and which options to skip. In this recent ThinkAdvisor article, Joe Elsasser, CFP®, offers financial advisors tips for choosing the right software for their financial planning practice.
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