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Patented technology and support team simplify Social Security for you and clients

When you subscribe to Social Security Timing® software, you get industry-leading software that identifies the best claiming strategies and an entire support team to help you answer Social Security and software questions. Subscribing is the first, and easiest, step to meet the growing demand for Social Security advice.

Compare claiming strategies

Show clients how the timing of their Social Security claiming decision can cost or save them thousands of dollars. The software illustrates the best and earliest strategies in easy-to-understand charts and allows you to add alternates for comparison.

Show clients where their income falls short

The software generates reports that illustrate the gap between a client’s projected Social Security benefit and desired income in retirement. For many advisors, this simple visual bridges the gap to the broader retirement income plan.

Answer the most complicated questions

Whether basic questions about the software or complex client cases with Social Security, our team of experts will find the answers.


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