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Streamline the Complexities of Social Security

With Social Security Timing, you can help optimize your clients' Social Security claiming strategy. See the exact year and month the client should claim, and see the month, year and the amount that the client will receive when they pass the earnings test. Increase their retirement value by up to $100,000.

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Social Security Timing Key Features

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What’s at Stake Feature
This feature makes the difference between a good decision and a better decision obvious. Clients can clearly see the amount of Social Security you can help them access.
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Break-even Chart
See which strategy produces the best result overall life expectancy combinations.
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Common Alternatives
Automatically create the four most common alternatives for married couples: widest split, both at full retirement age, both in January of their full retirement age, and both at age 70.
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Marketing Materials
Download a field-tested client-facing seminar, brochure, and direct mailer example.
Access to Support
Access to Expert Support
Unlimited free access to our live expert support team who can help you with software or subject matter questions.
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Deep Integration with other Covisum Software
Seamlessly move from one Covisum tool to another in our new advisor portal.
Benefit Cut Calculator
Show how benefit cuts could impact your clients' retirement strategies.

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Expertly streamline the complexities of Social Security into powerful solutions that will maximize client trust and satisfaction.

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