Around the world, normal business operations have been disrupted. Financial advisors face the same struggles as everyone else. Social distancing has made it impossible to hold in-person client meetings, and advisors who host educational seminars to find new prospects have been unable to do so.

But with change, good or bad, opportunities arise. This new environment has created an opportunity to try educational webinars. Webinars can be just as effective as in-person seminars to help you attract prospects, if you do them correctly.

Here are five reasons you should schedule a “Taxes in Retirement” webinar:

  1. Every dollar counts when it comes to retirement, especially in times of market decline. Many of your clients may be understandably nervous right now. You can give them some peace of mind by offering an educational webinar. This is an opportunity to showcase your expertise. You can reassure your clients and prospects and answer any questions or address any concerns that they may have.
  2. Tax Clarity® subscribers who have offered “Taxes in Retirement” webinars have seen enormous success. Tax Clarity subscriber Bert Salazar, CFEI, LUTCF, CTC offers the live “Taxes in Retirement” webinar biweekly. He typically has 30-50 attendees and records the webinars so he can send them to new clients who may be interested. In his recent guest webinar for Covisum, Customizing Tax Clarity to Fit Your Practice, Bert explains how he tailors the “Taxes in Retirement” presentation to his audience to gain new prospects.
  3. Quality digital content is a great way to attract the right leads. You want to communicate with your audience, where they are, with messages that are specific and relevant to them. For the mass-affluent retiree or pre-retiree, how taxes factor into their income strategy is timely and important.
  4. We’ve created a new client-facing video series about taxes in retirement that is exclusively available to our Tax Clarity subscribers. The video series allows you to offer educational webinars to clients and prospects and show how you can help them avoid tricky tax situations.  The video series is a part of our new marketing kit that includes downloads, templates and videos to help you communicate with clients and prospects.
  5. Expert support is always available. We know that starting something new isn’t always easy. Think of our expert support team as an extension to your team. You have unlimited access to support during your free trial and paid subscription to Tax Clarity for no additional fee. Reach us however it’s convenient for you via telephone, email, or chat.

The Covisum team has worked for over 10 years to help the financial services industry provide better answers, and we want to help you create the same great client experience that you’ve always offered. These are uncertain times. Many advisors are now working remotely and need to reach clients and prospects digitally. This webinar will help you adapt to this changing environment and meet clients where they are. A subscription to our Tax Clarity software includes free access to our new client-facing video series. Get a 10-day free trial.

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