Our Founder Shares the Future of Fintech

Recently Covisum Founder and President Joe Elsasser, CFP®, presented "Open Architecture is Dead" at the T3 Advisor Tech Conference in Denton, Texas. The presentation is now available for on-demand viewing. 

The last decade has seen a dramatic rise in integrations between a variety of software systems including CRM, portfolio management and trading, financial planning, and performance reporting. Now, advisors and firms are beginning to see significant cracks in the loose integrations between these systems. As advisor experience with integrations deepens, the cracks are becoming more and more evident. This presentation will show you how the most successful advisors and firms will overcome these challenges. 

"Many of the companies here want you to believe that open architecture is the answer; that by linking together several technology tools through integrations, you can create business processes that allow you to deliver a better value to your clients, while reducing the time it takes to do so. If there is one thing I have come to believe — both as an advisor who continues to work with clients and as the founder of a software company that serves thousands of you  it’s this: open architecture is dead."

As both a practicing financial advisor and the founder of a financial technology company, Joe offers a unique perspective on one of the biggest issues plaguing advisors today: inconsistency of results within the the advisor's tech stack. This presentation takes a closer look at the problem and offers solutions for advisors who don't want to spend hours making the results of their tech tools agree.

Additionally, Bob Veres recently named Covisum  a winner of the T3 2019 Advisor Tech Conference. 

"At T3, Elsasser introduced Income InSight, which provides very basic retirement planning for clients, and then integrates this information across Social Security Timing, SmartRisk and Tax Clarity — basically taking the three programs and making them into a fully-integrated planning tool that goes into deep depth in areas where most software only scrapes the surface. This is a different way of thinking about planning, addressing the pain-points directly and at a deeper level than the profession has been able to before."

Our new retirement planning platform, Income InSight®, will help you quickly and easily show the impact of different decisions within a client’s financial plan. The platform resolves conflicts commonly seen between loosely-integrated planning tools and deeply integrates with Covisum’s other tools to provide clients with a clear vision of retirement. 

Watch the presentation and learn how Income InSight can help you resolve conflicts in your tech stack and add additional value to your clients. 

Watch Open Architecture is Dead