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    Unleashing the Power of Authentic Referrals: The Covisum Advantage

    At Covisum, we're in more than just the business of creating software. We are dedicated to creating the best retirement income planning platform for financial advisors and institutions. But we're also helping transform your advisory practice into a powerhouse of value and referrals. Our founder and president, a practicing financial advisor and Certified Financial Planner™, utilizes a game-changing approach in his own retirement income planning firm. Let's delve into the heart of it and see how our process can elevate your practice, too. At the core of this strategy are the "Three Wows." These pillars can elevate your practice and set you on a path to success. Let's look at each wow and how they can revolutionize your practice.

    Practice Management

    A Robust Software Suite to Round Out Your Practice

    Most advisors come to us looking for a solution for a specific challenge. Either they are frustrated with the way they are currently operating, or they heard from another advisor about how our software can make their life easier.


    3 Things Your Financial Planning Tech Stack Should Do

    A technology stack, or tech stack, refers to any tools, apps, platforms, and software used by a financial planning practice to oversee its daily operations, performance, and more.


    Yearly Recap and A Sneak Peek at What's in Store for 2022

    A 2021 Recap and a Look Forward to 2022 The past year has been a busy one here at Covisum. Check out the video below for a closer look at changes, updates, and new releases over the past year and what you can expect to see from our team in 2022.

    Income Planning

    The Right Retirement Income Planning Software Can Make or Break Your Business

    Comprehensive, well-built retirement income planning software provides benefits to both financial advisors and their clients. Financial advisor software empowers advisors to demonstrate their value to clients by building easy-to-understand retirement strategies, from complex tax or income calculations to cash flow breakdowns. The right financial advisor software should include features to help clients through every step of the retirement income planning process, including:

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