Client Strategy Delivery Meeting

Have you ever wondered how Covisum President and Founder, Joe Elsasser, CFP® uses the software in his own financial planning practice? In this video series, Joe shares his process and how he uses the Covisum software suite to add value in a variety of different client meetings. This week, Joe focuses on how he uses the software in his plan delivery meeting to quickly illustrate his recommendations.



The final step in our process in our practice is what we call a plan delivery meeting, which is a bit of an oxymoron because remember in our confirmation meeting, we will have delivered all of the building blocks of this plan.

We'll have talked about the Social Security strategy. We'll have talked about the risk that's in their portfolios. We'll have talked about the tax strategy and where we see tax pitfalls and where we see tax opportunities. And we'll have talked about potential solutions to each of those challenges that we see on the horizon. So, the plan delivery meeting is really all about tying it all together and answering more thoroughly with a little bit more depth any of the ancillary questions that they might have had. Some of those might include:

  • Should we pay off the house?
  • Should we pay off this debt or that debt?
  • How does the debt impact Social Security?

And so for us, that plan delivery meeting is about tying it together, which means we spend the bulk of that meeting in our overall financial planning software. And Income InSight® really gives you the ability to quickly illustrate the cash flow patterns that you might be recommending, whether you're doing IRAs first, while delaying Social Security benefits, or implementing a Roth conversion strategy. We're using annuity to create a floor of guaranteed income for someone who runs the risk of running out of money later in life, or maybe even long-term care or life insurance with a long term care rider. Any of those solutions can be presented in that plan delivery meeting, and you'll have the ability to show very specifically how those risks are eliminated from the plan versus the base case.

So ultimately, that plan delivery meeting takes what we did in the confirmation meeting and builds the story around it. It makes it so that the client can understand what it is that they're to be doing through the rest of their retirement. And ultimately, it makes it so that they're comfortable working with you to implement those things over time, because as soon as you put that plan in front of the client, they're going to realize—they're going to see—that it's not just a few things "I do right now," it's not just something I go buy and I'm done with it. It's something that over time I want to be reevaluating and making sure that I continue to be on track. And that's the value of making it visual.

You're able to show them different points in retirement, how different income streams are kicking in, how different income streams are going away. And that visual really ties together everything you've done in your planning process to this point. 

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