WealthManagement.com: Explain Risk To Clients Now

Covisum President Joe Elsasser, CFP® recently contributed an article to WealthManagement.com, "Explain Risk To Clients Now," discussing how clients often have unrealistic downside expectations and some of the possible investment mistakes that can be made without properly analyzing their portfolio. He answers questions about effectively estimating a client's risk, what clients need to know about risk, how much a portfolio could lose in a particular period, diversification, and historical


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Setting proper downside risk expectations during market volatility 

This just in from FinancialPlanning:

The Dow finished the day down by 1,032.95 points, or 4.15% at 23,849.23 — down 2,767 points, or 10.4%. A drop of 10% from its high of 26,616 on Jan. 26 is considered a correction. The S&P 500 tumbled 2.96%, erasing its gains for the year. Ten-year Treasury yields flirted with four-year highs. 

And on Wednesday, Suleman Din wrote an article for FinancialPlanning titled, "Can another digital demand crush be avoided?" Some of the industry's most well-known


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5 Things To Start, Stop, And Keep Doing With Your Financial Practice In 2018

The New Year traditionally brings resolutions, some of which actually will be kept. Financial advisors should go beyond promising to lose weight and work out more to think about ways to build their business. Here are some suggestions:


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Investors Chronicle article features Ron Piccinini, PhD

Investors Chronicle published an article, "Does fortune favour the bold?" by  on July 27, 2017.


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Why financial advisors never really used beta, and why they are right

By Ron Piccinini, PhDDirector of Product Development

How can you tell if someone went to Harvard? They will tell you within five minutes of meeting them, as the popular joke goes. Similarly, ask any freshly-minted finance MBA or CFA candidate about portfolio construction, and chances are high that you will hear about ‘beta’ in pretty short order. As most advisors know, beta is the key statistic in Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), and has something to do with the volatility of a stock or asset


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