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    Portfolio risk modeling philosophy

    High quality data is our passion We strive to build models that are useful to the people deploying at-risk capital in the real world. Consequently, the inner core of the SmartRisk modeling philosophy is empirical evidence. The measuring stick of our model’s success is whether it leads to wise decision making, not whether it is elegant, easy to compute or popular.


    Social Security income tax advantages

    Because Social Security carries a substantial tax advantage over other forms of income, delaying benefits in order to build a larger Social Security benefit may have a greater positive tax impact than most people realize. Through our training tab you can find a calculator built by us to help you illustrate just how much Social Security income would be taxable for a given client. While we do not calculate the income taxes, it can aid you in the conversation about retirement income planning and how income taxes play an important role in the design of a retirement income strategy. If you are not a subscriber, try out the calculator here.

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