White Papers

The Elephant & The Snowball

Clients are flooding their financial advisors with questions about how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will impact them. Be prepared to confidently address the topic.

The Risk Evolution

Learn the dangers of relying on outdated risk measurement, and how advances in technology and risk analysis have dramatically improved risk estimation and changed the conversation between advisors and their clients.

The Tailored Fit

Financial advice is changing and the new environment creates two paths for advisors: either participate in a race to the bottom, maintaining current service levels while cutting fees, or increase the value delivered and identify ways to track and quantify that value.

Marketing Materials

The Financial Planner's Guide to Client Persona Development

Research states that firms with a specific target market are achieving greater rates of growth and profitability than their peers. Are you attracting the right prospects and enchanting them by meeting their every expectation? Download this guide for financial advisors.

Achieving business goals through marketing

Marketing strategy and business strategy go hand-in-hand, and if you have goals to grow your financial planning practice, this eBook offers the framework to do it.

Top 5 media strategies for the financial professional

How do advisers earn media coverage? And what should they do with it once they've earned it? Check out the top five media strategies from Media Minefield.

Financial Planning Process

Delivering value to your new client

Download our free checklist to make sure you are covering your bases before your first meeting with a new client.

Start building referral relationships with CPAs

Smart advisors know that CPAs can add value to their practice, both by providing tax advice, and by referring clients who need financial plans. Being unable to provide tax advice should not stop you from helping your clients build a tax-efficient retirement plan. Enable them to make good decisions by building relationships with qualified tax professionals using our free CPA introduction letter template.

Widow benefit explained

There are several layers of complexity to the Widow(er) benefit that make it difficult to determine whether to claim early, when to wait, and when to switch to the survivor’s own benefit. The good news is Social Security Timing® includes a widow calculation so you can run scenarios for your widowed clients and help them determine when to claim benefits.