Webinars & Videos


Tax-Efficient Planning for Boomers Webinar

Clients don’t always understand the interactions between different types of income and deductions, leading to potentially significant tax inefficiency in their retirement strategy. Learn how to identify which accounts clients should withdraw from, and when, in order to make better retirement strategy decisions.

Last Minute Tax Moves: What Advisors Need to Know

Your clients have until the end of the year to harvest from an IRA, execute a Roth conversion, or take a capital loss. Learn how to communicate the value tax-efficient retirement advice adds, easy ways to identify and prioritize tax inefficiencies in a client’s retirement income strategy, and how to pinpoint clients with potential tax opportunities.

Tax Law 2018: What Advisors Need to Know

Do you have clients who don’t understand the relationship between ordinary and capital incomes? If you do, they could be on their way to potentially significant tax inefficiency in their retirement strategy. Learn how the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has created significant opportunities for advisors.

Structural Integrity in Your Financial Plans Webinar

Are you frustrated with outputs from multiple sources in your tech stack that don't agree? Many advisors have a tech stack that includes different tools from a number of software vendors. Creating structural integrity in your financial plans is imperative, and providing clients with simple, actionable communication, that even the most analytical client can get behind, will help you grow your business.

Marketing your Retirement Planning Practice

Marketing strategy and business strategy go hand-in-hand, and if you have goals to grow your financial planning practice, this free webinar is for you. Creating a marketing strategy is a key component for the success of your business. In this era of constant communication and instant notification, marketing is even more important than it’s ever been before. If you think that a marketing plan is just an email newsletter or a Facebook page, get ready to change your mind.


Open Architecture is Dead

The last decade has seen a dramatic rise in integrations between a variety of software systems. Advisors and firms beginning to see cracks in loose integrations between these systems. As advisor experience with integrations deepens, the cracks become more and more evident. This presentation will show you how the most successful advisors and firms will overcome these challenges.