What recommendations can be made using Income InSight?

Income InSight is designed to offer a spectrum of income projections and scenarios regarding client income situations both before and after retirement. By utilizing current income levels, investment portfolios and tax situations, Income InSight will help map future income streams and expenditures along with Social Security projections and tax considerations. In addition, a series of Stress Tests are then applied to those assumptions and existing data. Income InSight is flexible enough to consider broader events, such as a significant market downturn, to more specific demographic impacts like premature death or long term care needs.  

Some of the talking points might include: 

  • Adding SPIAs or Deferred Annuities
  • Adding Term or Permanent Life Insurance
  • Adding Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Changing Social Security Strategies
  • Changing Harvesting Patterns  (including Roth Conversions)
  • Refining Spending Patterns
  • Reallocating Investment Portfolios